Memorex Memories

In Motion I & II

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A1. Don't Panic

A2. In Motion

A3. A Way Home

A4. Intermission

A5. Fleeting

A6. Thanks for Listening

B1. Compact Disk

B2. Liminal Space

B3. VHS feat. Eagle Eyed Tiger

B4.Eighty Sixed feat. Tima

B5. Apricity

B6. Sonder


In Motion (2018) will forever be a bookmark in my mind. A permanent reminder of how things used to be and the subsequent turning point for the better.

There where many audible and visual influences behind In Motion. But the theme that underpinned them, was perseverance. Combating the complacency instead of wallowing and festering in the mistakes of the past.

self improvement through self acceptance.

4 years have now passed and the present is brighter than I ever could have Imagined. My aim with In Motion 2 was to return to the same themes, with a clearer headspace and see what happened. In Celebration of that, The good people at Stratford Ct have combined both In Motion 1 & 2 onto one deluxe vinyl and cassette so that the full story can now be heard for the first time.

I would just like to give special thanks to my partner Simone for her endless support and patience throughout the writing process. To Ben Jones for always believing in me, being a friend and just being you. To Andrew Walker for putting up with my shit from day one and helping me make this project a reality. To Tima for taking the track to a whole new level. I could not have made this one without you. To Eagle Eyed Tiger for showing me what a real producer sounds like. You're a genius! To The 8th State Brewing Company because... I mean. In Motion Beer. Need I say more? To Joe at Puget Sound Collective for more than I can describe here and for supplying those funky cassettes.

Finally, To each and everyone of you who has followed me, supported me, wrote me, hyped me, shared me, tuned in and vibed out. You are the reason I'm here and continuously pushing myself to be a better artist. I cannot thank you enough.

Thanks For Listening.

Released February 25, 2022

Lyrics written by Tima (@Tima-bsc)
Artwork by Ben Jones (@visual_dreams)
Photography by Sean Harte (@memorex_memories)