Memorex Memories

Sean Harte (Known by his stage name Memorex Memories) is a Scottish Electronic Musician. The pseudonym is derived from his self proclaimed “obsession” with cassette tapes as a child.
Pre-2017 Harte released music independently under the alias Mr Sunshine. His first E.P Climbing Green Hill was released via Big Wave Records in 2015. “I liked Mr Sunshine initially. But the more I thought about that name, the more it began to sound like a roaming, mobile sex offender operating out of an Ice Cream Van” Harte said on the Vlad Bresnix Podcast.
In 2017 Memorex Memories released It’s Very Sunny via the YouTube Channel Electronic Gems. This would be the first of many singles released on the platform over the next few years. Tracks like Curious Alice, Thanks For Listening and A Way Home would all debut on the channel over the course of 2018. In 2019 Memorex Memories released In Motion. A 6 track mini EP via indie label The Midwest Collective. This would later be followed by his first Full Length LP Pictures of Purple Skies in September of that year. This release would mark the beginning of his association with the California based record label Stratford Ct. through which he would release his second album The Life Of Riley in May 2020.