Julien Pannetier, better known as VIQ, brings a refreshing direction to the electronic/indie music landscape. Born and raised in France, VIQ grew up with music, splitting his time between skateboarding and being inspired by classic rock icons like Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and electronic icons like Massive Attack and Air. At the age of 15, VIQ picked up his father's guitar and hasn't let it go since. Inspired by his daily life and feelings, VIQ's style borrows from electronic music, hip-hop, indie rock and dreampop.

VIQ began releasing music in 2019 and quickly began to develop his own style with Flamingo and Dune which led him to join California-based independent electronic label, Stratford.Ct in 2020. It is with this label that he will release three successful vinyl and cassette albums Waiting For The Dawn, Crystal Shores and Last Path.

In addition, he will be featured on many influential channels such as Electronic Gems, KALTBLUT Magazine, Stereofox, Night