Eagle Eyed Tiger

Eagle Eyed Tiger is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer - best known for creating electronic music that blurs the lines between genres. 

Based in New York, Eagle Eyed Tiger has released a number of albums with an emphasis on cultivating a distinct sound for each project. 

Eagle Eyed Tiger started to gain attention in late 2018 with the song Continuum and continued to make a splash in the scene with songs like Drizzle // Flash Flood, Metal & Plastic, and Frontier - leading up to the album On the Run in 2019. 
This project would be followed up by the 2020 EP Apotheosis and LP Smile for the Camera, demonstrating a growth in style and even further variety in genres - exploring funk, dream pop, synthwave, and trip hop styles. 
In 2021 he released the sci-fi concept album Untether, Unravel alongside a 20 minute short film revolving around the crew of a spaceship that encounters danger in deep space.
This year saw the release of his next album, Feathers, as well as a handful of summer EP's as he prepares his next project.