Eagle Eyed Tiger

Feathers (Universe Marble)

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A1. Feathers

A2. Stop and Go

A3. Shared Universe

A4. Rear Window

B1. Drive You Home

B2. Highrise

B3. Turn Around

B4. Gun-Shy

B5. Stand Alone Complex


Feathers" is an album that started out as a single track of the same name that couldn't find a home. It didn't fit my last two releases - but also wouldn't fit my next release - so it was in purgatory for a bit.

While it see-sawed between the unreleased folder and a proper release, I continued writing new songs and eventually felt that some of these demos could sit at the same table as Feathers. At that point, I knew I had a project on my hands that needed to be finished. Inspiration struck and these 9 songs were the result.

Released April 8, 2022

Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Eagle Eyed Tiger.