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Evenings Vol. 1 Neon Palm

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Variant: Neon Palm

Edition of 75


A1. Projection 投影

A2. Traffic 交通

A3. Hours 時間

A4. Crosswalk 横断歩道

A5. Retreat 静養

A6. Courtyard 中庭

A7. Metro 地下鉄

B1. Snacks お菓子

B2. Break 休憩

B3. Comebacksoon すぐに帰る

B4. Daydream 空想

B5. Evenings 夕暮れ

B6. Zen 禅

B7. Sleep 睡眠


Evenings Vol. 1 follows the story of a young protagonist who works the graveyard shift at a convenience store in Tokyo.
After deciding to make an album to cope with boredom, they realize that their daily, mundane journey is something much more magical.

Released September 1, 2023

Artwork by Andrew Walker & Miki Ooyagi