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A1. Stay a While

A2. Only an Hour Away

A3. Into the Stars feat. Øneheart

A4. Cabin on the Hill

A5. Zigzag feat. Sound Bath

A6. After it Rains

A7. The Moon Looks Pretty Tonight

B1. Falling Horizon

B2. Along the Creek

B3. Give Me More Time

B4. Thinking of You feat. Hello Meteor

B5. We'll Make a Song Someday

B6. Before the Summer's Lost (Bonus)


Nature is an album full of memories.
All the brief, seemingly insignificant moments in life that we take for granted are what created this record.

These songs were inspired by my childhood weekends at the Mountain in Gov’t Camp, Oregon. Moments of boredom I can now appreciate more as I look back. After losing my little brother Franklin late in 2023, recording these songs has given me something to hold on to. This album is dedicated to Frankie and all the special, little moments.

Most of the sounds you hear come from the UDO Super 6.

Also included in my recording:
Moog Subharmonicon, OBX8, Meris LVX, Ninja Tune Zen Delay, Eventide H90, Hologram Microcosm, Strymon DECO, OTO BAM, Elektron Analog Heat

All songs were written & recorded during December of 2023