Data Fire "Meltdown Module" + Pin Bundle

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Variant: Meltdown Module

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A1. Playback Start

A2. Revolve

A3. AV Input

A4. Corrupted Files

A5. Floppy Risk

A6. Holonomy

A7. Reality Bends

A8. Arc

A9. Deletion

A10. Logic Error

B1. Disk Burn

B2. System Loss

B3. World Vision III

B4. Shortwav

B5. AM Transmissions

B6. Before You Go

B7. Data Fire

B8. Playback Stop


In Collaboration with Puget Sound Collective

Datafire was originally a concept album about using a cursed floppy disk and getting sucked into a broken computer but I never fleshed it out fully and I ended up kinda just finishing it as a normal album. Thank you for listening, melt forever.

Artwork by Andrew Walker
Mastered by James Plotkin