Contraflow Continuum

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A1. Aurorean

A2. Timeless

A3. Revert

A4. Mercurial

A5. Skysix

B1. Anight

B2. Akrasia

B3. Still Fading

B4. Holding On

B5. Aeon


Late in 2019 I had a choice of continuing down my chosen career path of engineering or trying to achieve what was always my passion, making music as a living. I decided I would try to make and release music and commit myself to it fully, either until being forced back into my previous career due to failure, or making some progress towards the dream and enjoying it as long as I possible.

“Contraflow Continuum” is, for me, the highlight of that decision. It’s named as such because I have always felt that I was/am going against what the natural flow of the life I was living and, I am somewhere along that path/continuum, exactly where I do not know.

Since I started releasing music I have met so many amazing people, all almost exclusively remotely/online and I have made some real friends in the process, many of which are amazing artists and who I look up to greatly. I have been privileged to receive some beautiful messages from listeners who have enjoyed my music and shared how it has helped them in one way or another and because of that I have never been more happy or proud of any work I have done to date.

Thanks so much to all the listeners, to Stratford Ct., and to all the community who have helped me get to this point. It’s a small world but sometimes it can feel like a huge and empty space and without you all it could easily feel that way. I hope you enjoy the music.

Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by NiElsir.

Artwork by Andrew Walker @designsince86
Released May 20, 2022